Dr J – Fine Art Photographer

Dr J got involved in imagery and the many facets of its construction from an early age. From the mid-’80s on photography has been a part of his life in one form or another. From... Read More

Shea Malcomson – Artist, Producer, Founder

Shea Malcolmson is an award-winning producer/songwriter who has musical achievements ranging from over 250k streams on Spotify for his latest album Altaer and his most recent single Blessed receiving over 120k plays alone, and added on... Read More

AJ Simmonds – Networking Consultant

AJ Simmonds is from North Preston. He graduated from Auburn Drive high school in 2012. Played on the men’s basketball team at Acadia University for five years and graduated in 2017 with a degree in... Read More

Jeff Cusick – 902 Lit Clothing Co

Jeff Cusick, owner/operator of 902 Lit Clothing Co. based out of Halifax, NS is a father, husband, entrepreneur and creative. In this episode, we talk about his family, friends, support & the future of 902... Read More

Lara Lewis – Theatre Artist

Lara Lewis is a bi as hell Mi’kmaw theatre artist carved from marble. All she wants is for someone to literally build a shrine to her, but in the meantime, she’ll settle for making art... Read More

Ossama Nasrallah – Future Prime Minister

Born in Kuwait and coming from Lebanon, Ossama Nasrallah is the former President & CEO of Saint Mary’s University Students’ Association and the Co-owner of The Harbour Watercraft. Ossama moved to Halifax in 2014 ago... Read More