Kaidain Ivy works as a fairy godmother turning something seemingly nothing and turning it into a ball gown. She creates entire outfits from scratch or by repurposing found items such as bedsheets and curtains.

Kaidáin Ivy was created to take an idea, a dream, a concept that was impossibly unreal, and make it real.

There should be beauty and magic in everyday real life. Everyone deserves to feel as beautiful and fantastical as a little girl twirling around in her favourite princess dress. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and magical. Everyone deserves hope.

Kaidain Ivy’s collections were created as a means of coping with diagnosed PTSD. She turns the ugly in this world into art. Her collections often feature several transformations and reveal garments as nothing is ever what it seems and there are always enough shoes for every Cinderella.

Believe in everyday magic; the beauty will not fade at midnight.

Check her out at @kaidainivy

Photo: Brent McCombs


His Instagram handle might be more familiar to you than his name, Sheril.

He is originally from Kerala, the southernmost part of India but now lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A self-taught freelance photographer and a cook who finished his culinary management diploma from George Brown College, Toronto, ON.

He works at The Bicycle Thief restaurant in Halifax Harbourfront.

He is a creator who tries hard to create and standout from the rest of the herd. He creates for his happiness, to express. feelings, from pain to joy. He likes to speak through my frames and the colours in it.

Staying creative is what he lives for and the air which he loves to inhale.

Sheril believes that being creative is challenging. But he also asks, what is life without a bit of a challenge?

Check him out @stories_by_sheril

Lindsay spends her days doing her best to gently encourage others to meditate, be kind & live a life in service.

A former chemical engineer turned happiness enabler & mental illness speaker, Lindsay loves chatting with folks about what they’re doing to elevate their quality of life! She founded The Floatation Centre Health & Wellness in 2015 and has been sharing the benefits of floatation therapy, meditation and mindfulness far & wide since. Self-proclaimed as a goofy, open book who laughs a little too loudly,

Lindsay continues to bumble her way through this whole entrepreneurship gig while finding harmony in her own self-care & health sovereignty.

Check her out @lindsayfloats


Photo: Meghan Tansey-Whitton