Kiki Saint is born and raised in Haiti. At a very young age, he loved everything art. Books such as TinTin and Asterix were his childhood favorites. However, his culture wouldn’t allow it, his parents; nay, his whole bloodline has never supported him in his artistic endeavors.

Nevertheless, he is a tenacious one and for the past 27 years, he has been nothing but an artist. The artworks showcased in this here podcast however were about the five-year bit in his life where he couldn’t draw at all. He was in Montreal, stuck and depressed… they are a remnant of that era.

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Serena Haines is a Halifax based Somatic Sex Educator and Pleasure and Intimacy Coach. She has been helping with people with Sex and Intimacy Coaching through BodyWork, personal coaching sessions, workshops and educational events, and private events for over 3 years.

With a background in Psychology at the Memorial University of Newfoundland, Serena has also trained through the Institute for Somatic Sex Education in BC, Canada as well as in Sexology through SexologyU in the United States. She is currently enrolled in yet another Sex Coaching Certification and a relational certificate through Uof T.

Serena’s mission is to bring awareness to the importance of sexual health as much as we have awareness around mental and physical health. “Our sex energy is our life energy and is meant to be expressed and cultivated without shame, taboo, or stigma…and a lot of fun!”

Serena combines a sense of fun and relaxation to sensuality and sex helping you find your peak potential for pleasure both in and out of the bedroom, solo or partnered.

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Bone Cage is Taylor Olson‘s feature film directorial debut based on the Governor-General award-winning play by Catherine Banks. An actor/ writer/ filmmaker based in K’Jipuktuk/ Halifax, he is a four-time ACTRA Maritimes nominee, four-time Screen NS nominee, a TNS Robert Merritt nominee, and winner of the David Renton Award for acting at FIN: Atlantic International Film Festival in 2018.

He has directed/ and or written short films such as Hustle & HeartCutMascThe DateGrace, and Inceldom or, why are the angry men angry, and won prizes at a number of film festivals as well as CBC’s Short Film Face Off. On stage, Taylor has worked with theatres across the province, including Neptune Theatre in Controlled Damage by Andrea Scott (2020). Taylor looks forward to sharing Bone Cage and its important and timely environmental topics with you.

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Nick Iwaskow is a designer based out of eastern Canada, specializing in video, stage, interactive media and motion graphics design. He has worked internationally for the past 7 years delivering bespoke visual experiences to a range of clientele – from world tours, international festivals and nightclubs to installations for theatre, weddings, corporate functions and more.

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