Ariel Gough is a social entrepreneur, policy advisor, and TEDx speaker. Originally from Upper Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia,

Ariel worked with the federal minister of Families, Children, and Social Development where she worked on Canada’s first National Poverty Reduction Strategy and Early Learning and Childcare Framework.

She is the co-founder of Bailly Cosmetics Inc., a Halifax-based fragrance company that supports girls’ education in Uganda, and was awarded the CANIE Youth Impact Icon Award for the Atlantic region by the Innovators & Entrepreneurs Foundation.

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Mya Malek is a professional female wrestler that came into the local wrestling scene as the underdog. Even though she’s smaller than her opponents, her resilience and passion give her a fighting chance in the ring.
With only a few matches under her belt, she still managed to win the UCW Atlantic Canadian champion title with her luchador style wrestling.
She is far from her hometown of Beirut Lebanon, but her career is only just beginning in the Maritimes.
Growing up Sarah went through an emo phase, but never actually grew out of it. Wanting to bring the nostalgic feel to everyone else who enjoys this niche genre of music she decided to start what is now called “East Coast Emo Night”.
Happening in bars around the east coast like Halifax, Saint John, and PEI, she has everyone dancing to bands such as My Chemical Romance, Blink-182, and Panic! At The Disco.

When she’s not working on her playlist or busy at her day job as a dental hygienist, you can also find her working for The East, a magazine geared toward promoting and reviewing the East Coast music scene.

Trying to bring inclusivity and fun into the maritime music scene is her goal.

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Andrew started off his hospitality journey growing up in his grandparents’ butcher shop, cutting off pig ears at the age of 8. From there he became a line cook and went to culinary school. shortly after graduating, Andrew went to New York to cook with the best.

With 6 years of cooking under his belt, he decided to switch to bartending. With the knowledge that some of the best bartenders lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, he moved to Halifax 3 years ago.

He is now the Maritimes Brand Ambassador of Agua Santa Mezcal.

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