Alexa Cude started photographing at the age of 9 and hasn’t stopped since.

To make it official, Alexa completed a BFA at NSCAD University in 2013 with a major in photography and a minor in fine art.

Since graduating, Alexa has been working as a freelance photographer on projects across Canada.

When she’s not working on client projects, you’ll still find Alexa working with her camera, chasing landscapes from coast to coast, and sharing those adventures on Instagram.

Learn more about Alexa @seriouslyalexa

Julie is an actress, comedian, rapper, foodie, and YouTuber that loves making funny content for the world to be entertained by.
Even though she seems like she has it all figured out, she used to struggle with her own demons and has masked her eating disorder with comedy.
She talks about how she survived addiction, and how to help others that may be struggling with mental health.
She is also known as Slim Julie Shady when she raps on stage because of her love for the artist Eminem. If you’re a real Slim Shady fan, you’ll want to have a listen to this interview.
Olivia Doughart aka Liv Kate is a multi-time internationally published model and a registered acupuncturist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
During the week, she works in a collaborative clinic with other healthcare professionals. Treating various conditions from physical body pain to anxiety and depression.
Outside of the clinic, she works as a freelance model, doing a variety of styles. She’s best known as being Halifax’s Spiderwoman.
With a passion for art and creative expression along with helping others, she finds having these two careers extremely fulfilling.
Check her out at:
Photo: Mosy Photography