Brad joined the Healthy Minds Coop in 2012 as Navigator, Facilitator Men’s Mental Health Peer Support
Group since 2019.

He sits on several quality teams within the NSH Central Zone. He is a member of the Department of Health and
NSH provincial working groups, and is the vice-chair of the Halifax Police Diversity Working group

Personal engagement, Active self-management and mindfulness practice are some of the key factors he
attributes to attaining and sustaining positive wellness with living with multiple chronic health

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Irene Saliendra is an Entrepreneur, a Model, a Creative and on top of that she sells IT Services.

She finds a steady balance between being logical and analytical at work, and modeling creative concepts around the HRM. Through her work in IT, she gains a different insight into the world of technology, and by being she’s able to express herself through her own forms of artistry.

Her newest venture is called Fem Entity, which focuses on exploring the ways to empower your feminine energy to unlock your truest potential – with a website, online courses and podcasts coming soon!

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Andrew started off his hospitality journey growing up in his grandparents’ butcher shop, cutting off pig ears at the age of 8. From there he became a line cook and went to culinary school. shortly after graduating, Andrew went to New York to cook with the best.

With 6 years of cooking under his belt, he decided to switch to bartending. With the knowledge that some of the best bartenders lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, he moved to Halifax 3 years ago.

He is now the Maritimes Brand Ambassador of Agua Santa Mezcal.

Andrew joined us on this episode to talk about his recent travels across Atlantic Canada, doing pop-ups at different bars. While training jiujitsu at welcoming gyms in other Atlantic Canada provinces.

Andrew was also excited to share his most recent experience travelling to PEI and working at Chef Micheal Smiths restaurant, the inn at bay fortune. This is where Andrew got his inspiration for the cocktail he made for this podcast.

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Abady (he/him)  is an artist, entrepreneur, and dance educator in Halifax, Nova Scotia, committed to serving underrepresented communities of dancers, dance educators, and creators.

He is the owner of House of Eights Dance Studio, a drop-in dance studio in downtown Halifax.

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Long time vinyl collector, co-organizer of the Halifax record Fair(largest record fair in Atlantic Canada), and president of Black Buffalo Records.

Kevin Beal is an entrepreneur dedicated to the Hip Hop culture. Kevin, his partner Kumud, and three cats operate and run a successful independent record label out of the comfort of their apartment in Halifax Nova Scotia.

This long-time vinyl collector has boasted to have had over 20,000 pieces in his collection at one point. The collection has slimmed down quite a bit but is very impressive.

Under the handle DJ Black Buffalo, Kevin takes a break and enjoys spinning his vinyl collection at various events.

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