A trailblazer of innovation, Ashley Hickey is the Founder and Chief Technical Officer of Enzebra Studios.

Prior to establishing her own development company, Ashley enjoyed a career with several national and international organizations in industries ranging from web development to television to health care. An expert in design, user interface, branding, and business analysis, Ashely now draws from her extensive experience developing solutions for some of the largest names in business to provide customized results for her clients in a wide range of fields.

Mrs Hickey prides herself in always exceeding client expectations while holding her organization to the highest ethical standards. As a woman thriving in a traditionally male-dominated field, Ashley enjoys making time for lectures and speaking engagements to inspire others, especially women and girls curious about joining the technology sector.

She balances her hectic schedule with her other passion as a wife and mother to two young children; and indulging in her loves of fashion, art, and creating delicious meal experiences with healthy locally sourced ingredients.

Titilayo Odediran is a Nigerian living in Canada.

She moved to Canada as a teenager and spent most of her free time indoors learning about makeup on YouTube, little did she know this will turn out to be a great passion for her.

Makeup means different things to everyone but for her, it is a way to escape from my busy life to a different world where she gets to tell stories. In the past, she worked on telling stories about great and influential Black Historians whose actions shaped the world.

She hopes that one day, people of all ages will read her story as well.

When she’s not doing makeup and/or creating content, she’s working and/or schooling.

Find out more @facesbytiti