Tobi has been in the arts for most of her life. She began as a competitive dancer in jazz, acrobatic arts and ballet and during this time fell in love with performance and choreography and the art of moving bodies around a stage in a way that created a visual story.

When her sister Nikki began crafting novels and later screenplays, she’d indulge in planning out how they’d come to life on the screen. She attended York University as a Dance major and then finished her Fine Arts degree at Dalhousie as a Theatre major and found her way to stage management on a number of productions in the HRM.

She enjoys photography as a hobby and as a sometimes career and crafting stories in a single frame or capturing people in candid moments.

Tobi is the Director of A Walk In The Sun, a short film created through AFCOOP’s Film5 program. She brings a lifetime of love and passion for the arts to all her projects.

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Nikki Martin is a Novelist and full-time Yoga Teacher. She has released the first two novels in her Sci-fi/fantasy series Awake While Dreaming and loves crafting character-driven narratives that transport her readers to far off worlds and places.

While being firmly rooted in the modern-day conflicts and struggles that face humanity, her stories always have an element of hope and magic.

She has long dreamed of bringing her stories and voice to the screen.

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Sehmat Suri is a media strategist, model, actor, and content creator in Halifax, who started her social media journey in 2017.

Her move into the creative community has brought her a bunch of cool connections and tons of interesting work with Canadian and international brands like Sport Chek and TRESemmé, and she’s currently one of the hosts on Eastlink’s Ocean Playground.

She dabbles in lifestyle, comedy, and social justice content, and loves to hop on a plane any time her marketing agency 9-5 job allows.

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