Meet Taylor Milne, the multi-talented Annapolis Valley educator, entrepreneur, and actor extraordinaire. By day, she’s shaping the minds of the future generation in an elementary school, ensuring an inclusive learning environment where barriers are broken, and dreams are built.

Beyond the classroom, Taylor takes on the role of the Director of Maritime Model & Talent Management, representing a diverse range of talent across the Maritimes. Her vision is to create an inclusive and supportive community, celebrating the uniqueness of each individual and fostering feelings of acceptance and empowerment. Breaking barriers and building dreams is not just a slogan for Taylor; it’s a way of life.

But that’s not all – Taylor is also the mastermind behind “The Thirsty Smuggler,” a Mobile Bar Business that she runs alongside her family. Whether it’s weddings, birthdays, festivals, or backyard BBQs, Taylor can craft a customized package tailored to your vision and budget. She brings the same dedication and individualized approach to bartending as she does to teaching and talent management.

A graduate of Acadia with a B.Sc in Psychology, Taylor initially planned to delve into counselling or psychiatry. However, life took her on a different path, one where she wears many hats and thrives on the excitement of meeting people, learning, and overcoming challenges.

Join Taylor on this episode as she shares insights into how she effortlessly juggles her three full-time roles while still managing to maintain a social life, spend quality time with her husband, family, and furry companion, and continues to film another season as a host on the documentary series, “Ocean Playground”.

Tune in to discover the secrets behind Taylor’s success in managing diverse careers and breaking barriers to build dreams.

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Kuraaku is a Music Producer/mixing engineer, graphic designer, video editor and creative director born and raised on the island of Barbados (Caribbean) also home to the queen herself Rhianna.

Now residing in Halifax, Ns, Canada, Kuraaku aims to push boundaries through his production helping to shape modern sound with his unique way of fusing genres with his background knowledge of dancehall, reggae, hip hop, trap and also through Afro beats and the amapiano world which has now become a huge influence in his music venture.

He is set to release his debut album titled « Big Man le boss » which is a project with a collective of artists from back in his country along with some new artists here in Canada showcasing versatility through genre-bending.

Kuraaku is also releasing an EP titled « Shesh »  in the spring with the collaboration of some talented artist friends here in the city of Halifax.

Kuraaku aims to become an emperor of sound in making an indelible imprint with his future productions/recordings with new and upcoming talented artists.

Check him out @kuraaku_

As the founder and CEO of Diaspora Servus Immigration, Duntan understands the complexities of Canadian immigration like the back of her hand. Her dual expertise – a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from the University of Lagos and a Diploma in Immigration Laws and Policies from the University of British Columbia – ensures a meticulous approach to every case.
With many years of experience, coupled with her membership in the Immigration Consultants of Canadian Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC), Duntan guarantees you not just an authorized practitioner, but a dedicated advocate.
Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned professional, or a family reuniting, your Canadian dream deserves expert guidance and unwavering support. Duntan is your trusted partner, paving the way for a successful journey from your aspirations to Canadian residency.
Sarah McCann is a Halifax, NS-based elementary school teacher by day, content creator and budding entrepreneur by night.
She has been teaching for over a decade, with a special interest in early literacy that stems from her own life-long love of reading and writing. Looking for a creative outlet beyond her daily life as a teacher and mother, she turned to writing and combined it with another childhood passion, fashion, to begin creating style and beauty content as @starrysky_style.
Sarah quickly realized how much she enjoyed not only content creation but also engaging with and supporting others.  She has a particular interest in supporting small or sustainable fashion and beauty brands that make a difference to the planet or to women by encouraging them to feel good about themselves.  She firmly believes in the adage that when you feel good, you look good, and vice versa.
Her deep appreciation for all things beautiful, for female entrepreneurs, and for those who engage in lifelong personal growth has led her to the next step in her growth process:  a venture into the beauty business.  She and her sister will be opening @starrysky.aesthetics in early 2024, with the hope of helping others feel their most beautiful so that they have the confidence to reach their goals.
Michaela Jessome is a 27-year-old makeup artist from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia with over a decade of experience under her brush belt.
From the early age of 16, Michaela began working on brides across the island and servicing clients in a photography studio before their shoots.  Once she had finished high school, she headed for one of Canada’s top makeup schools, John Casablanca’s Institute of Vancouver.
While living in Vancouver, BC, she fell in love with the city life. Missing her family, she knew she wanted to move back and settled for a city closer to home. Michaela now calls Halifax, NS, home.
Michaela’s style or “niche” in the makeup scene is now rooted within the music industry. Taking a step back from everyday makeup bookings and bridal, working on music videos and looks for performances is her forte.
Hawa Swaray transcends the role of an esthetician, championing self-care and empowerment. A proud alumna of Saint Mary’s University and HDC Hair & Esthetics – School of Cosmetology, her journey of self-discovery began after welcoming her son, Christopher, in 2020.
Recognizing a gap in beauty services, she noticed a scarcity of skilled estheticians knowledgeable about diverse skin types, particularly those of a darker complexion. Hawa’s commitment to lifelong learning propels her to fill this void by continuously expanding her expertise in the esthetic realm.
This dedication ensures her clients receive unparalleled, personalized care tailored to their unique needs, setting her apart as a provider of the highest quality esthetic services.


Leanne Hoffman is a multi-disciplinary artist, songwriter, and producer living in Halifax, NS. She released her first solo, full-length album in May 2019 which was nominated for four Music Nova Scotia Awards, winning two, and a nomination for an East Coast Music Award. Her second album, The Text Collector, was co-produced with award-winning producer Erin Costelo and released in June 2023.

The Text Collector is a multidisciplinary project that deconstructs poetry and pop music, rebuilding the pieces into a listening experience even richer than the sum of its parts. The songs use the swirling melodies and glitzed-up production of Top 40, and lyrics that address the interconnected relationship between desire and despair.

The album was written from a poetry project where Hoffman wrote one poem a day for 365 days. All of those poems are now published in a book called “The Text Collector: An Anthology”. In addition to the written work and the songs, The Text Collector was accompanied by eight art pieces, handmade by Hoffman, and four music videos.

By pressing light up against dark until it’s evident they’re just different parts of a multi-faceted whole, Hoffman dismantles illusions of duality on her sophomore record, clearing space to meet her feelings on their own terms instead of forcing them into a box.

Check her out @hmleanne