Schuyler Vromans is a partner aerial circus artist, osteopath, massage therapist, and acupuncturist.

His life revolves around elevating others’ health and wellness and pushing the boundaries of physical artistry. In his free time, he’s either defying gravity with dynamic aerial routines or finding new ways to blend movement and healing.

Every performance, every treatment, is a step towards a holistic approach to well-being, and exploring the limits of human potential together.

Find out more @schuylervromans

Jasmin Jasko Razic is the dynamic President and owner of True North Events, a company renowned for revolutionizing the DJ & Event services landscape on the East Coast. Born from a legacy established in 2013, True North Events, originally known as True North DJ Services, quickly became a cornerstone in the entertainment industry, renowned for its top-notch DJ services. Jasko’s entrepreneurial spirit and vision led him to acquire True North amidst the challenging times of COVID-19 in December 2021, a bold move that marked the beginning of a new era for the company.

With a diverse background that intriguingly blends music and law enforcement, Jasko’s journey is anything but ordinary. Before his venture into the business world, he served as a dedicated police officer for a decade, a career that honed his sense of community and service. However, his heart always beat for music, a passion deeply rooted in his childhood years in Bosnia, where he played piano and drums before immigrating to Canada at the age of 10. Settling in Halifax at a young age, Jasko’s transition into a new culture was marked by his unwavering love for music, which remained a constant as he navigated through high school and beyond.

Jasko’s transition from law enforcement to full-time entrepreneurship was fueled by his entrepreneurial spirit and an innate drive to innovate within the entertainment industry. Under his leadership, True North Events has experienced exponential growth, expanding its team from seven to twenty-two DJs and broadening its services to include photo booths and the highly sought-after 360 video booth, a first of its kind on the East Coast. His pragmatic approach to business, combined with a deep understanding of market needs, has positioned True North Events as a leading entertainment provider, renowned for its quality, innovation, and comprehensive service offerings.

Jasko’s story is a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and adaptability. From the war-torn streets of Bosnia to the bustling business landscape of Canada, his journey reflects a relentless pursuit of excellence and a deep commitment to enriching the entertainment experience. As True North Events continues to thrive under his stewardship, Jasko remains a beacon of innovation, continuously seeking new ways to elevate the event experience and leave a lasting impact on the industry.

Check him out @truenorthevents.hfx

Mariah has supported small to large businesses locally and internationally for almost a decade. Her expertise is in the overlap of embodying branding with the natural evolution of business. Her support ranges vastly from grounding the strategy, messaging, and visual components of a business; to understanding micro-movements for sustainable success.

She is currently the Executive Director of Mariah International Business & Vitality Inc., owner of Embodied Clothing, as well as Co-Founder/ Chief Brand Director of a new international project called Weev (app).

Mariah is also fluent in other creative pursuits, as a recognized Poet, Sound Therapist, Fashion Designer & Event Coordinator.

She has worked with Businesses/ Nonprofits/ Corporate Structures such as Youth Art Connection, Place-Making 4G, The Bus Stop Theatre, Halifax Chambers of Commerce, Black Business Initiative, Common Good Solutions, Delmore Buddy Day Learning Institute, Cluster, FlexTime & others.

As a business owner who has previously benefited from the support of INOVA, Mariah can be a voice and a bridge for other BIPOC businesses to regain trust in the banking institutions.

With her wealth of knowledge and natural intuitive understanding of business, she has been asked to consult for government programs, the creation of new building developments for minority groups as well as create programming for the youth in business.