Dr J got involved in imagery and the many facets of its construction from an early age. From the mid-’80s
on photography has been a part of his life in one form or another. From schooling in Photography to
eventually teaching classes in the fundamentals of Darkroom Technology. Dr J has always strived to
understand and show the textures of life around him and the people in it.

Current projects underway are focused on people and the aesthetic form and mood while also tapping
into the darkness that he likes so much. Hoping this will also aid in his growth as an individual and be a
catalyst for those that work with him to tackle their own stories with another layer of understanding.

His work has been published in several imagery-based magazines in the United
States and in Europe as well as local newspaper articles.

More information can be found on my website SuterPhotoworks

Check him out @drjpermanent

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