Releasing mixtapes and EP’s since the age of 14, East Coast rapper & songwriter, Mark’d from Dartmouth, NS, has found a strong stance in music, creating relatable music with lyrical storytelling. Formerly known as “EPDMC” (pronounce’d “epidemic”), after pursuing rap and hip-hop for 15 years, he has reinvent’d and is introducing a new stage of music and growth through his new alias, Mark’d, which is direct’d towards a more well round’d artist and singer in the coming years of his career.

Since his Nova Scotia Music Week debut in 2017 as EPDMC, Mark’d has travel’d to Europe and the US, hitting stages in Rotterdam (New Skool Rules), Los Angeles, Winnipeg (Northern Touch Music Festival), Toronto (Northern Power Summit), and Atlanta (A3C Festival).

Since the release of his Award nominate’d EP “Rap’s Charlie Brown” in April ’19, Mark’d has also co-direct’d his Music Video for “Nothing Left To Say”  featuring Jeffrey, which was also premiere’d on in August ’19.

With his latest collaboration, “Saturday Night” featuring T-Zank, Mark’d is finally coming into his artistic element and bringing you his signature style and full potential as a well-round’d artist.

Since diving into the rebranding of “Mark’d” over the course of 2020, Mark’d has also start’d up his own podcast, appropriately titl’d “Party on a Podcast” model’d after his dream-chasing single (2016) and 8-track EP (2017) “Party on a Sunday”. The podcast initially start’d as an outlet and way to vent what Mark’d had to say about political and current events, but has since turn’d into an interview style podcast, which brings on a different guest each week. The focus of the interview and podcast is to bring light to the creatives no matter the background or status.

Entering his thirties has been eye-opening, to the extent where time is no longer the issue, but more taking advantage of opportunities when they come around. Expect a lot to change over these coming years and expect to see Mark’d around a lot more.

With the persistence and drive to enterprise this entire operation, Markdsouls Ent. was created and founded by Mark’d on Oct 14th, 2021. This new company and sole proprietorship is only the beginning of what’s to come but has allowed Mark’d and other entities like Party on a Podcast, to fall under the umbrella of said entertainment company. It is one step closer to owning everything. Creating from the ground and truly owning everything, from podcast, to music, has always been the goal and has been long sought after and with the creation of Markdsouls Ent. it is all finally coming to fruition and creating a base and platform for all entities and parties to thrive.

After having welcomed a son in late ‘21 and getting married in late ‘22, a new level and wave of motivation and drive has entered into the book of Mark’d. With plans for intimate shows, alongside many more podcast episodes and new music, 2023 brings hope and promise for everything Mark’d, an artist and performer you won’t forget.

Check him out @markdsouls

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