As a lifelong artist, Gloire Paluku also Known as Aelfaz Arts grew up in Makindye, Kampala, Uganda, born in D.R. Congo in 2001. He does not have a lot of school experience as an artist but joined a few classes as he was in high school because art was all the things he wanted and a part of his Gene.
Aelfaz is always looking for the next opportunity to translate his everyday experiences, with the major of painting into artistic expressions and world since 2010. His approach and output are constantly evolving as he hones his personal style. However, he refuses to be typecast and works hard to ensure he does not repeat himself.
No matter what, Aelfaz Arts approaches each project with complete enthusiasm and total dedication. The image that he is living in now largely influences his creativity and art as a whole where he has always been pushing hard creativity and his passion to the higher boundaries and enjoys trying different styles.
He always comes up with inter-discipline for his art in his finding of new different ideas to make his art stands out and it preaches too.

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