As a teenager, Chris had managed to narrow down his future to either becoming a Buddhist monk or running the race to be successful. For various reasons, he chose the latter, but he’s always kept one foot in the world of subtle energy and strange events.
As a roughneck, he studied alternative health modalities, and when his encounter with the fossil fuel industry motivated him to study renewable energy, he kept an eye out for hints about the kind of energy he studied in that context. These dual interests have all stayed active, recently leading to two books – one on the spiritual side of programming, and one a children’s book on health.
Chris has an ongoing interest in combining technology with spirituality and hopes to continue his exploration of the weird overlap between those fields in the years to come. He believes there is a lot we don’t know about the world – and that learning more about it all is a great way to spend his finite time on the planet.
His current research on time and quantum mechanics has really stretched his brain, and he hopes to use that flexibility to work on similar projects – he’s interested in bioinformatics and music, but also open to whatever else comes across his path.

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