Thauana Morais is a Brazilian Internationalist and Entrepreneur, devoted to cultivating a more equitable business environment in Halifax. With a diverse professional experience that encompasses experiences in Europe, South America and Asia, her work extends to various opportunities worldwide.

Thauana currently coordinates an entrepreneurship program at YWCA Halifax. Before this role, she managed similar programs most notably in China and Brazil, where she co-founded SheUp and auspicious woman. Hailing from northeastern Brazil, she finds inspiration in her roots.

Thauana’s passions include education, music, and art.

In early 2023, she co-launched a collective in Halifax, aimed at providing a secure space for community expressions through music & art.

She recently has been investing in her own venture “Auspicious Woman Educational Technologies”, which is an SaaS educational platform based on holistic approaches to entrepreneurial journeys.

Find out more @thauana.morais

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