Sarah McCann is a Halifax, NS-based elementary school teacher by day, content creator and budding entrepreneur by night.
She has been teaching for over a decade, with a special interest in early literacy that stems from her own life-long love of reading and writing. Looking for a creative outlet beyond her daily life as a teacher and mother, she turned to writing and combined it with another childhood passion, fashion, to begin creating style and beauty content as @starrysky_style.
Sarah quickly realized how much she enjoyed not only content creation but also engaging with and supporting others.  She has a particular interest in supporting small or sustainable fashion and beauty brands that make a difference to the planet or to women by encouraging them to feel good about themselves.  She firmly believes in the adage that when you feel good, you look good, and vice versa.
Her deep appreciation for all things beautiful, for female entrepreneurs, and for those who engage in lifelong personal growth has led her to the next step in her growth process:  a venture into the beauty business.  She and her sister will be opening @starrysky.aesthetics in early 2024, with the hope of helping others feel their most beautiful so that they have the confidence to reach their goals.

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