Meet Kevin Robert, a young real estate investor and mortgage broker. Throughout his time at Saint Mary’s University, Kevin was working towards his goal of financial freedom through real estate investing. With self-education, frugal saving, and being surrounded by inspiring investors alike, he was able to start building his portfolio upon graduating from university.
Kevin purchased his first duplex in Truro, in November 2022 by using money that he saved while working throughout university. He describes how buying a duplex significantly decreased the cost of living via a tenant renting his other unit. A year later, he purchased his second duplex but this time, with none of his own money. By teaming up with an investor, he is able to continue growing his portfolio while simultaneously creating passive income for his partner.
As Kevin grows, he is dedicated to sharing his journey in hopes of helping and inspiring new investors looking to achieve financial freedom. He also recently became an Associate Mortgage Broker, in which he helps first-time home buyers and investors navigate the complex world of mortgages. He asks that anyone looking to chat real estate or mortgages message him on Instagram

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