A small red Sepal on a Peduncle attached to the deep roots of the flower in a garden full of colorful flowers feeling the scent of nature could be: Basam Murtaza Tahoor. He feeds from the sprinkles of nature, inhales the fragrance of the air, and lives under the rays of the luminous sun.

Basam Murtaza Tahoor is the Founder and Managing Director of iClick Agency, a full-service marketing agency. A results-driven professional with 9 years of diverse experience and adept in Digital Marketing, WordPress Development, Graphic Design, Translation, Content Writing, Branding, and Business Writing. I hold a bachelor in English Language and Literature and a vocational degree in Civil Engineering

He is obsessed with nature, literature, philosophy, beauty and humanity.

The short stories and poems he writes are some of the seeds he planted in nature and he is elated to have them.

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