Vaishali Sachdeva aka V is an international student from a country rich in culture and diversity, India. She created history by being crowned as the first Miss South Asian Gem Nova Scotia 2023 and is dedicated to achieving more milestones in the future as well.
Since childhood Acting has been her passion and she started her journey as a professional Actor with the Newcomer’s Project last year for which she toured across schools in Nova Scotia to amplify the voices of immigrants and refugees in Canada and was a performer in the Halifax Fringe festival as well for the show called “The Object at Trash Beach”. She made her screen debut in January 2024 with a Punjabi song titled “Ik Chehra” which got over 306K views. She has also been a background Actor in award-winning films like “The Queen of My Dreams” and has worked as a catalogue model for Ela Stories.
From Acting, dancing, pageant, and modelling to being a pitch presenter for Enactus or being involved with Entrepreneurship, sales, and Psychology, she is a multifaceted individual driven by a relentless pursuit of diverse passions. She believes in creating impact through her art and likes to give back to the community. She has participated as a speaker at events organized by the World University Service of Canada(WUSC) and United Way Canada(UWC) to raise awareness about student refugees, poverty, social issues and international development. Additionally, she did a show in Halifax on her birthday in collaboration with an NGO called Adsum for Women for charity which was a great success.
V is like an unstoppable force passionate about whatever she does. She will achieve all her dreams through her strong will to never give up and hard work and she wants to become a renowned name in the world, especially in the Entertainment industry.

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