Melanie Adolph is a mom, student, and mental health advocate living in Halifax, having moved there 7 years ago from Alberta. She went from working with individuals that were differently-abled to going back to school full time and focusing her attention on her kids while bringing community awareness to mental health topics that she personally has experience with.
Melanie feels that sometimes social media only shows the positive which can have a negative effect on people’s mental health. She strives to be raw and transparent, sharing difficult and joyous moments in her personal life in the hopes that it can help others who may be also going through a difficult time.
She regularly lists local resources for mental health in her community that people can utilize if they find themselves struggling and encourages others to advocate for themselves and to ask for help.
Her show, Say It Again Louder begins November 5, 2020, and she shares a new episode every Thursday.

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