Nick Iwaskow is a designer based out of eastern Canada, specializing in video, stage, interactive media and motion graphics design. He has worked internationally for the past 7 years delivering bespoke visual experiences to a range of clientele – from world tours, international festivals and nightclubs to installations for theatre, weddings, corporate functions and more.

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Musemo Handahu is a multi-faceted creative based in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada and the cool-girl behind Lion Hunter, a lifestyle blog. Luckily, no lions were harmed in the making of this blog. Musemo’s last name means lion hunter which sets the tone for her life – constantly hunting for the majestic in herself and the world around her.

With an eye for the cool and buzz-worthy style, Musemo creates lifestyle content for the millennial woman who loves to travel, takes risks with her style, always willing to try something new and seeks out goodness, above all else!

On top of curating Lion Hunter, Musemo is part of the Creator Network for CBC, producing content for web and television. She is an on-call Style Expert for CTV and Global TV for seasonal and award season style segments. To contribute to her community and share her experience, Musemo speaks on business panels and schools. In April 2019 she added TEDx Speaker to her list of achievements.

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Meghan is a Makeup Artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She is mostly focused on Bridal and Beauty makeup.

Makeup Artistry has been her passion for many years and she is happy to help so many wonderful women look and feel great.

She specializes in weddings, prom, and beauty makeup as well as teaching how to enhance your natural beauty.

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Never in her wildest dreams did Katherine believe she would be capturing the love between two people as part of her everyday life.

Katherine is your typical office obsessed, Friends binging, Netflix lover, with a passion for photography. What started as a way for her to capture photos of family and friends, quickly turned into what it is today. Katherine has spent countless hours learning, practising, educating, and investing in both her self and my business.

Having a Commerce Degree, she felt as though this was the ideal opportunity to put forward both her business education and her creative passion. Katherine always wanted a career where she felt like she was helping someone and photography brings that feeling.

​During the day Katherine works as a Residential Real Estate Appraiser and in the evenings, she spends her time editing photos, working on her business, cuddling her fur babies, pretending to get in shape at the gym, working on personal development, and capturing the memories of beautiful couples and families.

Katherine’s life is busy and hectic and she loves every moment of it! ​

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Laura Goode lives n Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. She took Makeup Artistry & Design at Compu College. Ever since she could hold a pencil she loved to draw. She would draw houses on hills or imitate cartoons. She learned how to draw anime until she discovered Caricatures on a family vacation in Quebec.

She found Caricature Artists very fascinating, how they would make people laugh by enhancing features and how quickly they produced them. As soon as she came back home she taught herself how to draw them. She would practice on family friends and also search for pictures of famous people. When she became comfortable, she would draw them on the streets locally. She came up with the name Face Forge as she sees herself forging faces in a creative way. Every once in a while she would paint a Caricature or a piece out of the ordinary.

When she isn’t working or drawing she enjoys drives along the coastline getting lost (on purpose) and exploring local areas. Recently a friend of hers noticed her paintings and challenged her to do South Shore Scenery Folk, Art. With her enjoyment of art and the east coast, she gave it a try and has been happy with the results.

She still enjoys drawing caricatures every now and then but her Folk Art paintings have been her focus.

She hopes everyone enjoys her artwork as much as she loves creating them.

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It was the late 1990s and the first roll of film the then, teenage Chris shot was a complete disaster. What made him determined to keep picking up the camera was the idea of composing people and things in that little rectangular viewfinder in a way that could tell a story, communicate a message, explore and express ideas, and impact other people. It was that intrigue that fuelled his desire to become a photographer.

Chris formally studied at both NSCAD University and NSCC’s photography departments followed by work as a production assistant for commercial shooters in Halifax, Toronto and New York.

In 2007, he started working under his own name, taking on advertising, editorial, fashion, corporate and private work.
He strongly believes that personal work helps strengthen creative and conceptual thinking and is an invaluable and inseparable part of who he is as a photographer.

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Kaidain Ivy works as a fairy godmother turning something seemingly nothing and turning it into a ball gown. She creates entire outfits from scratch or by repurposing found items such as bedsheets and curtains.

Kaidáin Ivy was created to take an idea, a dream, a concept that was impossibly unreal, and make it real.

There should be beauty and magic in everyday real life. Everyone deserves to feel as beautiful and fantastical as a little girl twirling around in her favourite princess dress. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and magical. Everyone deserves hope.

Kaidain Ivy’s collections were created as a means of coping with diagnosed PTSD. She turns the ugly in this world into art. Her collections often feature several transformations and reveal garments as nothing is ever what it seems and there are always enough shoes for every Cinderella.

Believe in everyday magic; the beauty will not fade at midnight.

Check her out at @kaidainivy

Photo: Brent McCombs


His Instagram handle might be more familiar to you than his name, Sheril.

He is originally from Kerala, the southernmost part of India but now lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A self-taught freelance photographer and a cook who finished his culinary management diploma from George Brown College, Toronto, ON.

He works at The Bicycle Thief restaurant in Halifax Harbourfront.

He is a creator who tries hard to create and standout from the rest of the herd. He creates for his happiness, to express. feelings, from pain to joy. He likes to speak through my frames and the colours in it.

Staying creative is what he lives for and the air which he loves to inhale.

Sheril believes that being creative is challenging. But he also asks, what is life without a bit of a challenge?

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Lindsay spends her days doing her best to gently encourage others to meditate, be kind & live a life in service.

A former chemical engineer turned happiness enabler & mental illness speaker, Lindsay loves chatting with folks about what they’re doing to elevate their quality of life! She founded The Floatation Centre Health & Wellness in 2015 and has been sharing the benefits of floatation therapy, meditation and mindfulness far & wide since. Self-proclaimed as a goofy, open book who laughs a little too loudly,

Lindsay continues to bumble her way through this whole entrepreneurship gig while finding harmony in her own self-care & health sovereignty.

Check her out @lindsayfloats


Photo: Meghan Tansey-Whitton