Iyiola AKA Gafar, a shortened form of the name “Abdulgafar” which means “Servant of the All Forgiving”.

He is an artist, Architecture student, and general creative. He has always loved design and aesthetics, and visual art is his preferred way of expressing himself. Born in Canada but lived most of his life in Lagos, Nigeria, Iyiola believes Lagos is a wonderful place, and it has influenced his art and his identity greatly.

He moved to Halifax in 2019 for school, and he has learned to appreciate what he used to think was a boring city.

He believes there is a lot to discover in Halifax, and he hopes to explore more of its art scene and connect with other creatives like him.

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Josh Creighton is a lifelong resident of Nova Scotia.

He works for the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, as the Corporate Partnership Specialist. He also sits on CBC’s African Nova Scotian community advisory board.

Josh enjoys exploring various entrepreneur efforts, reading, cooking, hiking, and practising martial arts in his spare time.

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Tanya McHarg is a registered social worker, coach and facilitator with over 20 years of experience in the field.
She is the owner and operator of Healing on Purpose Therapeutic Services, currently offering coaching services, facilitation and individual therapy under the mentorship of a clinical social worker. She uses an intersectional, anti-oppressive and holistic lens to support the health and healing for people of African descent.
She completed her Sociology Degree at St. Thomas University with a research focus on systemic anti-Black racism within law enforcement. She completed her Social Work degree at the University of Calgary and her Master’s of Social Work at Dalhousie University (graduation spring 2024).
Tanya began her career within the non-profit sector supporting people experiencing homelessness, addiction and mental health issues. She spent 17 years with the Government of Alberta in areas such as child intervention investigations, training, and facilitation, and worked as Team Lead of the PSECA Team (Protection of Sexually Exploited Children’s Act) to address child sexual exploitation and human trafficking.
Tanya is passionate about mindfulness, self-compassion and somatic bodywork as ways toward healing and thriving not just surviving.
Originally from New Brunswick, Tanya’s paternal grandmother (Peters) was an African Nova Scotian from Annapolis Royal.
In 2022, Tanya resigned from the Government of Alberta and followed her dreams to move back to the East Coast making Nova Scotia her forever home.


A small red Sepal on a Peduncle attached to the deep roots of the flower in a garden full of colorful flowers feeling the scent of nature could be: Basam Murtaza Tahoor. He feeds from the sprinkles of nature, inhales the fragrance of the air, and lives under the rays of the luminous sun.

Basam Murtaza Tahoor is the Founder and Managing Director of iClick Agency, a full-service marketing agency. A results-driven professional with 9 years of diverse experience and adept in Digital Marketing, WordPress Development, Graphic Design, Translation, Content Writing, Branding, and Business Writing. I hold a bachelor in English Language and Literature and a vocational degree in Civil Engineering

He is obsessed with nature, literature, philosophy, beauty and humanity.

The short stories and poems he writes are some of the seeds he planted in nature and he is elated to have them.

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Noémie (pronounced No-Emmy) is a Québecer of Haitian ancestry who has resided, worked and lived in Mi’kma’ki (Nova Scotia) since 2016. She received an undergraduate degree (honours) in Psychology from Mount Saint Vincent University in 2021 and is set to receive a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology from Acadia University in 2024.

Noémie has a passion for Health Equity research, and for sharing scientific knowledge in ways that can be understood and accessed by everyone.

She is particularly sensitive to issues of Black mental health and the lack of services for folks of African ancestry. Noémie embraces opportunities to educate the public on mental health topics, and to advocate for the cultural diversification of mental health care practitioners and scholars.

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Meet Kevin Robert, a young real estate investor and mortgage broker. Throughout his time at Saint Mary’s University, Kevin was working towards his goal of financial freedom through real estate investing. With self-education, frugal saving, and being surrounded by inspiring investors alike, he was able to start building his portfolio upon graduating from university.
Kevin purchased his first duplex in Truro, in November 2022 by using money that he saved while working throughout university. He describes how buying a duplex significantly decreased the cost of living via a tenant renting his other unit. A year later, he purchased his second duplex but this time, with none of his own money. By teaming up with an investor, he is able to continue growing his portfolio while simultaneously creating passive income for his partner.
As Kevin grows, he is dedicated to sharing his journey in hopes of helping and inspiring new investors looking to achieve financial freedom. He also recently became an Associate Mortgage Broker, in which he helps first-time home buyers and investors navigate the complex world of mortgages. He asks that anyone looking to chat real estate or mortgages message him on Instagram

Nahom is an illustrator, graphic designer, and writer, who specializes in visual and written storytelling. Originally from Ethiopia, he infuses his work with a mix of traditional and modern aesthetics, drawing inspiration from animation movies and ancient stories/myths from around the world.

With over five years of self-taught and hands-on experience, Nahom’s diverse skill set includes digital art, sketching, photography, and creative writing. His artistic achievements have gained recognition, such as winning the Mi’kmaq Cultural Awareness Creative Competition in 2022 and contributing a design to the Halifax Public Libraries for the 40th anniversary of African Heritage Month.

Currently pursuing a business administration diploma at NSCC, Nahom has developed expertise in marketing and graphic design. Driven to defy the ‘starving artist’ stereotype, he strategically applies his creativity across various projects and mediums, in the pursuit of telling a story through words and design.

You can find Nahom and his works on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/nahomassefaa and Instagram: @cest_nahom

Sasha Paul is a Zimbabwean-born entrepreneur who passionately navigates both the Accounting and Creative realms.

As the co-founder of Mauya, The Fine Arts Tribe, Sasha actively cultivates a community that nurtures creative connections and self-expression across diverse age groups and backgrounds. Through this platform, she thoughtfully crafts experiences that resonate with and represent fellow racialized individuals in her city.

Sasha aspires to leverage her skills to further develop meaningful encounters that can drive important discussions on mental health and financial well-being education through Art, within racialized communities.

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An accordionist with a bag of pocket-sized instruments & a dedication to cultural ecology, Mary Beth Carty fuses traditional songs, instrumental tunes, & songwriting. With a live show that runs the gamut of emotions, transporting us from the heights of dance-paced ecstasy to the calm of contemplative airs, she has had the opportunity to tour in North America, Europe, and Africa. Most recently, Mary Beth has performed at the Celtic Colours International Festival, FrancoFest Halifax, and Festivals Acadiens et Créoles in Lafayette, Louisiana. “She got the crowd singing along. It was something else!” – Bill Roach, CBC.

Mary Beth released her second solo album, “Crossing the Causeway” in November 2022. Since then the album has made several appearances on the Earshot! College Radio Charts in Canada has reached No. 1 on Richard Gilman’s Folk Radio DJ Chart, and No. 3 on the Folk Alliance International radio play chart. It has also been nominated for two 2024 Canadian Folk Music Awards.

Mary Beth’s debut solo album, 2017’s Les biens-nommés, earned nominations at the Nova Scotia Music Awards and the ECMA’s. It features original, accordion-fueled songs in French and English, with Donald MacLennan on violin and the Melchin brothers on double bass and percussion.

As a member of the former duo Bette & Wallet, Mary Beth was nominated Traditional Singer of the Year at the 2009 Canadian Folk Music Awards. The duo toured extensively and released two albums, Voici… and Électrique. Their most popular song, “Squeegees,” transforms a public domain French-Canadian song into a humorous, bilingual anthem about urban winter hardships.

In addition to her work as a solo artist, Mary Beth is in demand as a guitar accompanist for Celtic fiddlers and has performed with many of the best, including Cape Breton’s Ashley MacIsaac, Colin Grant, and Chrissy Crowley. She is known for her distinct, rhythmic style, keen ear, and mastery of the unusual DADGAD tuning. Mary Beth is also a square dance caller and dance instructor and has done extensive research on dances from communities all over Eastern Canada.

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Teo founded TEO CREATIVE STUDIOS as a brand expert and entrepreneur with 11+ years of professional experience in marketing within the automobile and film industries while currently serving as the Program Coordinator for the Halifax Partnership.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and broadcasting and also possesses a degree in graphic design.

Inspired by his positive experiences since relocating to Halifax, Teo is passionate about sharing the vibrant diversity and positive energy he has discovered in Halifax with others.

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