Kid Coffin is a young artist from Halifax Nova Scotia. He has been performing for years and has a provocative sound with complex lyrics that will make you change the way you think.

He has worked with multiple underground artists and is a figure in the Battle Rap scene in Halifax. Wordplay, punchlines, and meaningful messages encompass what Kid Coffin brings.

A new sound, with every song telling a story. Kid Coffin has multiple releases on all streaming platforms but is currently working on his debut album. Kid Coffin is a must-see in the Halifax scene.

Check him out @kidcoffinofficial

Boma is a Halifax based visual artist. He is landscape and figure painter.
As an artist growing up in the Golden age of Hip-hop his style is heavily influenced by graffiti art.
He is passionate about sharing cultural themes that are rarely discussed in the media through his art.
He is currently working on a series centered around the subject of African hair.
Shannon Ellis is an artist, crow whisperer and nerd hailing from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.
Her artistic focus varies from traditional mediums and landscapes to repurposing vintage thrift store paintings, fan art and cosplay photography.
With a background in animation and a huge love of nature, her unique vibrant style is sure to make you smile.
Shannon is also on the steering committee for Creative Kick- Halifax’s monthly meetup for the creatively driven.

Kat Smutz grew up in the Southern Appalachian Mountain, in a small North Georgia town. A love of history grew out of listening to her parents’ stories of growing up in an isolated region of the Smoky Mountains. She began writing in high school, an obsession that eventually led to a career in journalism with detours into engineering, law enforcement and teaching.

In 2009, Smutz retired to work on publishing some of the sixty-plus manuscripts she had written over the years. Her first three books were non-fiction works on the American Civil War, a subject she knows well after more than forty years as a civil war researcher.

Her first historical fiction, Silent Tears, is the story of an abused wife learning to stand on her own in a Victorian society that allowed women few rights.

Her next book, as yet untitled, is about a young woman who becomes separated from her family when the American Civil War erupts. She takes on the guise of a boy and earns her way by spying while she tries to find her way home. “As unlikely as the story sounds, hundreds of women dressed as men and joined the army during the civil war,”  Smutz points out. “Spies who were female weren’t at all uncommon.”

Frequent travel is part of life for Smutz, thanks to her husband’s career as a federal law enforcement officer. Home is wherever the job lands them, and it does provide opportunities to visit new places and meet new people, which inspire Smutz’s work.

Works by Kat Smutz

American Slavery In An Hour
American Civil War In An Hour
Abraham Lincoln In An Hour

Historical Fiction
Silent Tears

Contributed works
Clay County Heritage Book, recollections by descendants of Clay County, NC, pioneers

Water’s Edge, an anthology by the Evergreen Writers Group

Sandrella Mohanna is an actor, improviser, and aspiring screenwriter from Halifax, NS.
Sandrella has also spent several years competing with the Canadian Bodybuilding Federation
both at the provincial and national levels. Her last competitive year was in 2016, where she took
home two second-place trophies and one third-place trophy. She has also spent time on the
other side of the stage as a bodybuilding judge.

Sandrella is a first-generation Lebanese-Canadian whose mother tongue is Arabic. A lover of
languages and culture, she holds a BA in French and Spanish from Dalhousie University, and
has lived and travelled abroad extensively.

Between cuddling with her cats and fielding questions about the authenticity of her curly hair,
Sandrella can be found lifting heavy things at the gym and spending time with her husband and

Sandrella can also be found working on her craft through various workshops and classes
offered locally through Neptune Theatre and AFCOOP. She is also a full member of ACTRA,
WIFT, and AFCOOP, and enjoys attending various conferences and industry events throughout
the year.

Check her out at @sandrella_mohanna

Dylan Thompson-MacKay is a Nova Scotian Entrepreneur from Pictou County who makes handcrafted wooden pens and pencils.

His business is named Elwood Pens and is promoting other people to Write Their Own Story.

It began in a family members garage in 2014 and eventually moved to a full woodworking studio on Argyle Street in Halifax by June of 2018.

Now, Dylan is operating from home back in New Glasgow and will be expanding into other products soon. Dylan’s hope is to help employ as many people in Atlantic Canada as possible.

Check him out @elwoodpens

Mia Cathleen is a Mi’kmaq singer/songwriter and visual artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia. She’s been writing music since high school, but only recently began to perform after releasing her debut, self-written, recorded, and produced the album “Know Me.”

Her style and sound centre around her lyricism, which can be dark, romantic, or playful, but is always poetic, and her chord progressions, which feature a fun mash-up of unique rhythms and scales. While she is best described as a folk singer, Mia aims to add nuance to her style by drawing inspiration from a wide variety of artists and genres, from 90s metal and grunge to jazz and rap.

Mia is currently in the midst of recording her second album, which she hopes to release sometime next year.

Check her out @kloqoejk


Colin MacDonald is a filmmaker with over ten years of experience in the screen industry. He has produced award-winning short films and music videos, Presents (2019), Skyline (2017), If We’re Divine (2013) and Presence (2013). His work has been screened internationally at film festivals, featured exclusively on Revolver Magazine and aired nationally on the CBC.

Colin’s passion lies documentary and narrative films that have a strong focus on character and story and that strive for innovative ways of evoking emotion in the audience.

Check him out @onstreampro

Atay & JAX is the result of a child’s Christmas wish bringing their favourite meme page to life. Although they “spit fire bars” they also don’t take themselves too seriously and walk the line between comedy, pop, punk, and hip-hop. They are leading a movement of young-adult fans who aren’t quite ready to grow up.

Atay & JAX is a new Nova Scotian hip hop group compiled of Adam “Atay” Taylor of Spryfield and Jaxon “JAX” Booth of Lunenburg. In 2019 the duo began collaborating in the studio to create “Honey” a 9 song LP that served as JAX’s debut album and served up a mellow, alternative hip-hop sound with comedic undertones and small-town stories. Atay engineered, mixed, mastered, and featured on the record.

The intention was never to present as a duo, but when the album launched, the chemistry in their performances was undeniable, and the fans demanded to hear more. Atay & JAX quickly developed a reputation for their gritty, high energy, punk-esque live performances. Footage from these shows created major “FOMO” and on social media. People from all around were showing up in surprising numbers to these campy church hall concerts, whilst screaming the lyrics along with high accuracy.

On February 15th 2020 Atay & JAX released their debut album as a duo. To Date ‘Last Night’ has been streamed over 80,000 times.

Check them out @atayandjax


Monique Gracie is the proud owner of Tranquility Spa, located on the Waverley Road, in Dartmouth! She is a Master Esthetician who has been in the industry for 17 years. In September 2014, she made the important decision to go back to school and complete a two-year Business Administration program, with a concentration in Entrepreneurship, as she knew she wanted to open her own business and become her own boss. She graduated, with honours, in June 2016, and got her foot in the door with Spa Management.
In June 2018, she enrolled in the CEED program (Center for Entrepreneurship and Education Development), and completed their 40-week program, graduating in June 2019. She opened Tranquility Spa, to the public, on December 8, 2018, and offers a full range of Esthetic services, including but not limited to, manicures, pedicures, facials, dermaplaning, full body waxing, and eyebrow & eyelash tinting.
She is also certified with the Dermalogica skincare line, and has been using their products, both personally and professionally, for the past eight years! You can find a full range of their products, at Tranquility Spa!
She continually upgrades her education when it comes to both services and skincare, to be able to provide even more selection and knowledge for her clients! She loves meeting new people & helping them look and feel their best!
Visit her, today! She looks forward to meeting you!