An award-winning publicist, radio host, industry professional, and musician, Trevor Murphy has been a devoted member of the East Coast’s music community for well over a decade.
Champion of the underdog, curator of Atlantic Canadian culture, and general man-about-town, Trevor also owns and operates Acadian Embassy Records – a boutique record that label delves into deeper exploration of the Nova Scotian Acadian identity using music as a platform through which to discuss and promote shifts in the culture, community, and history.

Tara Thorne is a writer, editor, and broadcaster in Halifax.

She appears weekly on CBC Radio in Halifax, Saint John, and Moncton and was on staff at The Coast for 19 years.

She also leads the rock band Dance Movie and does Instagram stories of her cat.

In this episode, we talk about her music, writing and a whole lot more.

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Dr J got involved in imagery and the many facets of its construction from an early age. From the mid-’80s
on photography has been a part of his life in one form or another. From schooling in Photography to
eventually teaching classes in the fundamentals of Darkroom Technology. Dr J has always strived to
understand and show the textures of life around him and the people in it.

Current projects underway are focused on people and the aesthetic form and mood while also tapping
into the darkness that he likes so much. Hoping this will also aid in his growth as an individual and be a
catalyst for those that work with him to tackle their own stories with another layer of understanding.

His work has been published in several imagery-based magazines in the United
States and in Europe as well as local newspaper articles.

More information can be found on my website SuterPhotoworks

Check him out @drjpermanent

Shea Malcolmson is an award-winning producer/songwriter who has musical achievements ranging from over 250k streams on Spotify for his latest album Altaer and his most recent single Blessed receiving over 120k plays alone, and added on Northern Bars and New Music Canada Spotify playlists. He has performed in over 10 countries worldwide for acts ranging from the Cancer Bats all the way to classic hip-hop acts like Pete Rock.

At one point he was a member of Living Proof, a boom-bap rap group with one of the members of Digable Planets (Doodlebug). The Living Proof album was released on URBNET Records. Fast forward a few years and Shea Malcolmson, dropped the rap name, dropped 80 lbs and became an advocate for mental health in music and overcoming addiction. After also shedding the rap name (Abstract Artform), Shea broke out of the box he had created himself (bridging old school and new school hip-hop) and he began to make new music with a new sense of self, and a new outlook on the music industry.

The music speaks for itself and successes have been multiplying exponentially.

Shea’s music now is not only a vehicle for his own change but is used to connect with others who are in similar places. Education and self-discovery have helped Shea create one of Canada’s fastest-growing music festival and conferences the Northern Touch Music Festival and Conference (#NTMF2019). As the founder of this festival, he has created support and much-needed infrastructure for artists internationally. The platform continues to grow and serves as a safe place for many artistic minds to meet. Partnerships with A3C, HipHopDX, Music Entrepreneur Club, New Skool Rules and more, have allowed Shea to carve pathways for artists success worldwide.

Check him out @musicbyshea

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