Born in Ontario and trained in Los Angeles, Brent worked internationally as a fashion photographer for eight years creating campaigns for clients in London, Paris, New York, Vancouver and New Delhi before meeting a lovely girl from Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, settling down and refocusing on portrait, wedding and local commercial photography.

In addition to his primary commercial work, Brent has also dabbled in landscape, wildlife and sports photography, seeking a broad range of photographic experiences.

Highlights of his career so far include two expeditions to Antarctica, shooting fashion runway shows in New York City, photographing the Brier and World Hockey Championships, finding himself less than 5 meters from a huge polar bear in Svalbard, Norway, barely surviving being charged by a walrus on the Arctic ice pack, doing the only fashion editorial ever done after dark in Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris and photographing his own wedding. Brent is also the first Atlantic Canadian to be published in British and Italian Vogue.

Brent was recognized as a ‘Master of Commercial Photography’ in 2013 and was named the Portrait Photographer of the Year for 2017 by the Professional Photographers of Canada in Atlantic Canada.

He now lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia with his lovely wife Sarah, their four birds, 1 cat, and 1 horse.

I had an amazing time chatting with Brent.

Check him out @alteregohalifax

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