NO DAYS OFF APPAREL INC. embodies the definition of determination and intends to ignite the spark of self-motivation we all possess deep within. NO DAYS OFF™ is unique in that, its meaning can be specified to every individual. That is, regardless of age, gender, or race, any goal is attainable through hard work, determination, and grit.

Co-founder, Chaz Samuel has always been an avid lover of basketball. After attending college, he decided to pursue his passion for business. With basketball on the back burner, Chaz focused less on his workouts and struggled to balance fitness and academia. 2 years of weight insecurity led to one summer decision to return to his first love and begin working out on the court again.

He developed the NO DAYS OFF™ mindset that fueled his motivation to achieve both his fitness and academic goals simultaneously. It wasn’t long before a young basketball athlete thirsty for knowledge and skill joined Chaz that summer. Then another, and another and another. The infectious NO DAYS OFF™ mindset began to spread and by the end of the summer, more than 30 young basketball athletes showed up every day eager to learn the game.

No Days Off Apparel Inc. was inspired by the desire to make this mindset tangible as a reminder to remain resilient and never give up in the face of adversity. It is an external representation of an internal mindset.

Check them out at @ndoapparelinc

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