After 20 years in the Military and tours including Afghanistan, Marc retired and moved to Nova Scotia to start Devo FX.  A Special Effects makeup Studio that specializes in all sorts of effects.

Devo FX makes hairpieces, Prosthetic makeup, Dental appliances, Sculpting and moulding, Animatronics, Creature design from start to finish!

Though, self-taught, Marc was lucky to be part of many projects from cool short films all the way to working on a full Blockbuster movie, Xmen: Apocalypse.

Now after 10 years of Movie and TV experience, he spends time more teaching his craft and helping Veterans with PTSD with our program “Sculpting for Veterans”.”

Marc’s creature for the film Lord of Chaos is spectacular and the man himself is a dream to talk to. One-Eyed Bear is currently working on a documentary on Marc and I can’t wait to see it.
Check him out at @devofx

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