Being in love with music his whole life, DJ Sheny is a versatile afrobeats disc jockey with years of experience in the entertainment industry. His passion for disc jockey initially started as a thing of leisure while in university, where he played at numerous friendly gatherings (a.k.a house parties). He has since then, grown into playing at concerts, weddings, and other private events, as well as clubs across Canada.

Pursuing his passion for music, he furthered his craft and rapidly grew to become one of the few faces of Afrobeats music both here in Nova Scotia as well as Canada-wide. He has also been awarded and recognized on several occasions for his musical talent, including a feature in the ‘Top 20 Canadian DJs You Should Know’ 2020 article by Shifter Magazine as well as recently being recognized by the ‘Canadian Black Entertainment’ community organization during Black Music Month, 2022.

He is often commended for the impact he has on any event he plays at, and for his amazing ability to keep the crowd energized and ready for more!

Check him out @dj_sheny

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