Tobi has been in the arts for most of her life. She began as a competitive dancer in jazz, acrobatic arts and ballet and during this time fell in love with performance and choreography and the art of moving bodies around a stage in a way that created a visual story.

When her sister Nikki began crafting novels and later screenplays, she’d indulge in planning out how they’d come to life on the screen. She attended York University as a Dance major and then finished her Fine Arts degree at Dalhousie as a Theatre major and found her way to stage management on a number of productions in the HRM.

She enjoys photography as a hobby and as a sometimes career and crafting stories in a single frame or capturing people in candid moments.

Tobi is the Director of A Walk In The Sun, a short film created through AFCOOP’s Film5 program. She brings a lifetime of love and passion for the arts to all her projects.

Find out more @tobilaurenphotography

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