Kaytee Mullins is a young entrepreneur from Cape Breton, who moved to Halifax in 2016 for College but fell in love with the City and now calls it home.
Before starting The Change Room, Kaytee completed programs in American Sign Language and Veterinary Medicine, and although she loved both, neither were the right fit. Having always dreamed of being her own boss and after countless jobs in retail, restaurant, and hospitality industries that left her unhappy, she took the leap, after the business she worked at closed down. With the pandemic just starting, she started on a wild journey, trying to navigate the entrepreneurial space and start a business in a world where businesses were shutting down every day.
Starting The Change Room, not only gave her the freedom to make her own schedule, which allows time to visit her family in Cape Breton (and snuggle with her cat), it also gave her a sense of purpose. Helping the environment, reducing waste, saving people money, and finding really cool pieces, are just some of the reasons running this business is fulfilling for her.
When she’s not thrifting and sourcing colourful clothes, she likes to listen to podcasts, crochet, explore new places, and spend way too long on the phone with her Mom and Niece.
Kaytee hopes that if there’s anybody out there who feels stuck in what they’re doing that they too, find something their passionate about because life is too short to do anything that steals your joy.

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