Ibe Ananaba, born in Belgium and raised in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria, is a multidisciplinary visual storyteller. He graduated with Distinction from the Institute of Management and Technology, specializing in Painting. Ibe explores cultural and socio-political themes and their influences on contemporary living in his art using traditional and unconventional mediums.

In addition to his studio art practice, he is involved in various creative roles such as Fashion Illustrator, Designer, Muralist, Art Director, Calligraphist, and Cartoonist. He also dedicates his time to empowering the youth through art mentorship.

Ibe’s artistic achievements have gained recognition, including being listed in the Smithsonian Libraries and Archives. His work has been exhibited internationally, from Nigeria and South Africa to the USA, London, Israel, and Canada. He has won awards in his art practice, including the 1st Prize Winner of the Art Masters Contest at Art Vancouver 2019.

Academically, Ibe’s art serves as case studies for project theses by several scholars in different universities in Nigeria. His artwork has been featured in notable publications like “Fashion: A Second Language,” “Watercolor Artists Magazine,” “Masters of Watercolors,” “The Villager – How Africans Consume Brands,” “Fashion Illustration Africa – A New Generation,” and “Artist of Nigeria.” These publications showcase his diverse skills and contributions to the world of art.

Check him out @ibeananaba

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