Fikayo Kayode (she/her) is a 21-year-old creative artist from Nigeria. After spending a couple of years in the Philippines, she moved to Canada in 2018 for her undergraduate degree and graduated with a BA in Political Science from Acadia University.

She enjoys reading anything from realistic fiction novels to academic pieces on topics like race, womanhood, and current or past politics and started reading at a very young age. Fikayo developed an affinity towards writing at 14 and would start with short stories and poems. She started to put her craft out there in 2020 when she launched her podcast, “OkayThoughts”. Since then, Fikayo has performed at spoken word events, created a social media platform for her writing and her podcast, and is currently working on a blog.

Slowly but surely, Fikayo is building confidence in sharing and honing her craft as a writer and spoken word artist and allowing her work to speak to her, and for her. She is doing this by taking up more opportunities to share her writing and putting pen on paper whenever she feels inspired to.

Find out more @fikayo_k

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