Stephanie Folahan is a dedicated and accomplished professional with a rich history in the field of accounting and finance. As the CEO of Premier Accounting and Tax, Stephanie has made it her life’s work to provide essential financial services to both individuals and small businesses. With a true passion for helping clients manage their financial affairs, Stephanie’s expertise, experience, and unwavering commitment set her apart as a leader in her industry.

Stephanie brings to the table nearly two decades of professional accounting and financial experience, making her a seasoned expert in the field. Her journey in finance began with a diploma in Accounting and Payroll, obtained during her college years. This academic foundation laid the groundwork for her impressive career.

Early in her career, Stephanie spent five years as a Tax Preparation Specialist at H&R Block, honing her skills in the intricate world of tax preparation. This experience allowed her to develop an intimate understanding of tax regulations, which continues to serve as a valuable asset in her work today.

Following her tenure at H&R Block, Stephanie transitioned to a role as a Senior Accountant at ABK Biomedical, where she spent another five years. This role broadened her expertise and proficiency, offering exposure to advanced financial principles and practices. Her work at ABK Biomedical further solidified her understanding of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and enabled her to master essential financial software tools like MS Excel, QuickBooks, and Sage50.

Stephanie’s professional journey is underpinned by her unyielding dedication to assisting individuals and small businesses with their financial needs. Whether it involves taxes, accounting, or bookkeeping, Stephanie is devoted to providing timely, efficient, and supportive solutions to her clients. Her friendly, understanding demeanor and professional approach reassure clients that Premier Accounting & Tax Inc. is the ideal place to address their financial and accounting requirements.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Stephanie is a loving mother of three and a devoted wife. Her ability to balance the demands of her career with her family responsibilities demonstrates her remarkable commitment to both her loved ones and her clients. Stephanie’s passion for helping individuals and small companies with their financial affairs, combined with her extensive experience, makes her a respected and trusted figure in the world of accounting and taxation.

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