Leanne Hoffman is a multi-disciplinary artist, songwriter, and producer living in Halifax, NS. She released her first solo, full-length album in May 2019 which was nominated for four Music Nova Scotia Awards, winning two, and a nomination for an East Coast Music Award. Her second album, The Text Collector, was co-produced with award-winning producer Erin Costelo and released in June 2023.

The Text Collector is a multidisciplinary project that deconstructs poetry and pop music, rebuilding the pieces into a listening experience even richer than the sum of its parts. The songs use the swirling melodies and glitzed-up production of Top 40, and lyrics that address the interconnected relationship between desire and despair.

The album was written from a poetry project where Hoffman wrote one poem a day for 365 days. All of those poems are now published in a book called “The Text Collector: An Anthology”. In addition to the written work and the songs, The Text Collector was accompanied by eight art pieces, handmade by Hoffman, and four music videos.

By pressing light up against dark until it’s evident they’re just different parts of a multi-faceted whole, Hoffman dismantles illusions of duality on her sophomore record, clearing space to meet her feelings on their own terms instead of forcing them into a box.

Check her out @hmleanne


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