Meet Taylor Milne, the multi-talented Annapolis Valley educator, entrepreneur, and actor extraordinaire. By day, she’s shaping the minds of the future generation in an elementary school, ensuring an inclusive learning environment where barriers are broken, and dreams are built.

Beyond the classroom, Taylor takes on the role of the Director of Maritime Model & Talent Management, representing a diverse range of talent across the Maritimes. Her vision is to create an inclusive and supportive community, celebrating the uniqueness of each individual and fostering feelings of acceptance and empowerment. Breaking barriers and building dreams is not just a slogan for Taylor; it’s a way of life.

But that’s not all – Taylor is also the mastermind behind “The Thirsty Smuggler,” a Mobile Bar Business that she runs alongside her family. Whether it’s weddings, birthdays, festivals, or backyard BBQs, Taylor can craft a customized package tailored to your vision and budget. She brings the same dedication and individualized approach to bartending as she does to teaching and talent management.

A graduate of Acadia with a B.Sc in Psychology, Taylor initially planned to delve into counselling or psychiatry. However, life took her on a different path, one where she wears many hats and thrives on the excitement of meeting people, learning, and overcoming challenges.

Join Taylor on this episode as she shares insights into how she effortlessly juggles her three full-time roles while still managing to maintain a social life, spend quality time with her husband, family, and furry companion, and continues to film another season as a host on the documentary series, “Ocean Playground”.

Tune in to discover the secrets behind Taylor’s success in managing diverse careers and breaking barriers to build dreams.

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