Veronica Post is an award-winning graphic novelist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Author ofLangosh and Peppi: Fugitive Days, and Langosh, Peppi and Yeva: Hot to Trot.
Following a brief and disillusioning attempt at university for Philosophy and Fine Arts, respectively, Veronica moved to Montreal where she completed a diploma in fine cabinetry, which suited her much better. She played drums in punk bands, ate poutine, worked in factories and joined a local zine distro that encouraged her to self-publish and distribute her mini-comics. This encouragement turned a lifelong love for comic books into a passion for creating auto-biographical work in graphic novel form.
She left Montreal for the allure of Eastern Europe, where she created the characters Langosh and Peppi and began working on what would become “Fugitive Days”, published by Conundrum Press and awarded with the Doug Wright “Nipper” award in 2020.
She continues to create work based on these characters and looks forward to creating more work exploring their world, and her own.

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