Fatu Kaba is an award-winning human rights activist, high-fashion model, and the founder and CEO of HEARTS, a platform dedicated to building an epistemic community where every individual has a platform to learn, share their story, and access tools to create a positive social impact.

She is also a novelist with both published and unpublished manuscripts, including “Fiona Sallami” and “Harder Choices,” and has contributed articles to platforms such as Manchester University Peace Studies, UNICEF Voices of Youth, and Sleepless in Monrovia. Fatu is currently working on turning some of her manuscripts into screenplays, including “Crippled Affection,” “Unholy Deal,” and “Echoes of the Guardians.”

Originally from Liberia, Fatu survived the civil war before moving to the USA to pursue her Bachelor’s in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution from Manchester University. She then relocated to Canada in 2022 to pursue a Master’s in Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation at SMU.

Find out more @fatumkaba

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