Born in Kuwait and coming from Lebanon, Ossama Nasrallah is the former President & CEO of Saint Mary’s University Students’ Association and the Co-owner of The Harbour Watercraft. Ossama moved to Halifax in 2014 ago to study at Saint Mary’s University and he is happy to call Halifax home today.

Ossama is engaged in many societies and organizations such as Habitat for Humanity where he travelled the last 4 years to the United States to build houses for people in need, Enactus Saint Mary’s where a 135 members worked to tackle food waste in Nova Scotia and with the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations where he advocated on behalf of the NS students to the Federal Government.
Ossama received the “Future Prime Minister” award from the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations, the “Platinum M”  which is the highest award granted to those graduating who have given outstanding contributions in extra-curricular activities in the area of student affairs during their stay at Saint Mary’s.
I had a wonderful time talking with Ossama on this episode.
Check him out @ossamanas

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