Daniella originates from sunny and beautiful Ghana in West Africa and was born into a very close-knit large family of six. She now resides in what she likes to call her second home, Canada. She has been fortunate enough to travel quite a bit and absolutely loves it, and from her travels, she sees the beauty and art in everything, from sunsets to clouds, to faces and fabrics.
From her infancy, she has gravitated towards art, fashion or anything of a creative nature. She has styled for fashion shoots and enjoys bringing beauty out of everyone! Having been gifted her artistic ability by God, she tries to showcase Him in all aspects of her work. When she noticed that her creativity could evoke beautiful emotions, she thought it important to share this gift with the world!
She has done book covers like that of “Afraid of the Dark” byGuyleigh Johnson and completed her full-length illustration of the book titled “Father Song – the book” by Owen O’ Sound Lee in 2022. She published her website, where she sells commissioned pieces, daniellasam.net
Daniella is a fun-loving Christian, who loves to enjoy everyday life, as she sees each day as a blessing. Recruiter by day and artist as a lifestyle, Daniella loves to collaborate and make connections wherever she goes with her bubbly personality and enthusiastic zeal for life!

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