Nahom is an illustrator, graphic designer, and writer, who specializes in visual and written storytelling. Originally from Ethiopia, he infuses his work with a mix of traditional and modern aesthetics, drawing inspiration from animation movies and ancient stories/myths from around the world.

With over five years of self-taught and hands-on experience, Nahom’s diverse skill set includes digital art, sketching, photography, and creative writing. His artistic achievements have gained recognition, such as winning the Mi’kmaq Cultural Awareness Creative Competition in 2022 and contributing a design to the Halifax Public Libraries for the 40th anniversary of African Heritage Month.

Currently pursuing a business administration diploma at NSCC, Nahom has developed expertise in marketing and graphic design. Driven to defy the ‘starving artist’ stereotype, he strategically applies his creativity across various projects and mediums, in the pursuit of telling a story through words and design.

You can find Nahom and his works on LinkedIn: and Instagram: @cest_nahom

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