Hailie Tattrie (she/her) is a sociologist, a white settler,  a communist, and a lifelong learner. She is currently working towards finishing her PhD in educational studies at Mount Saint Vincent University. She works as a part-time professor at Saint Mary’s University & is hoping to become a full-time professor at one of Halifax’s universities when she is done with her schooling.
Hailie grew up in rural Nova Scotia, after graduating high school she went to Mount Allison University where she fell in love with sociology and academia. After her undergrad she travelled Europe and the UK and was a nanny in Scotland, she then went to Dalhousie University where she completed her Masters in Sociology in 2020.
When not in school Hailie likes to volunteer her time to worthy causes like Justice for Workers or going to local rallies and protests. She lives in Halifax (K’jipuktuk) with her partner Jacob and their two kitties- Michael and Dexter.

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